Trang ChủTenderMeets reviewAll regression habits was in fact modified on baseline properties computed in the fresh univariate investigation

All regression habits was in fact modified on baseline properties computed in the fresh univariate investigation


All regression habits was in fact modified on baseline properties computed in the fresh univariate investigation

Statistical investigation

Analysis of for every single BPD severity class have been compared on a single-means ANOVA, the fresh Kruskal–Wallis take to to have proceeded data, this new chi-square take to or Fisher’s appropriate take to to have categorical parameters, otherwise z assessment with correction to have continuity to possess dimensions.

To modify brand new association between for each and every BPD definition and outcomes for prospective covariates, multivariate logistic regression was performed for each and every seriousness category to imagine chances ratio (OR) which have an excellent 95% confidence period (CI). Sensitivity, specificity and you may positive and negative predictive beliefs have been determined to have respiratory infection, GMFCS rating, and you will NDI playing with multivariable logistic regression.

New fit of your own habits is actually confirmed into Hosmer–Lemeshow jesus out-of-match try. All analyses had been performed utilizing the computer software SPSS type twenty-four.0 (SPSS Inc., il, IL, USA). In all analyses, an excellent p worthy of below 0.05 are felt statistically significant.

Study availableness

Brand new dataset reviewed in this data isn’t in public places readily available owed towards the rules away from Look of the Korea Stores having Situation Handle and you can Protection. not, datasets arrive on the related publisher up on reasonable consult.


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