Trang Chủcanada-elite-dating reviewIn a couple of years I owned the fresh new Cougar, I came across the fresh new plane very easy to travel, secure and forgiving

In a couple of years I owned the fresh new Cougar, I came across the fresh new plane very easy to travel, secure and forgiving


In a couple of years I owned the fresh new Cougar, I came across the fresh new plane very easy to travel, secure and forgiving

As you happy with my GA-eight and you can create purchase another. He is indeed an excellent really worth to your utilized market.

Almost every other fixes into aircraft had been very slight. You will find significant piece of cake looks on home, so i got an enthusiastic FBO buy and you will put up a doorway close. It put it on in reverse, thus i wound up doing the job once again. At exactly the same time, I got to obtain the struts broadcast, this new wheel bearings repacked, the brand new brake pads replaced double together with sparplugs changed.

The brand new Hartzell one or two-blade propeller features an offer that requires assessment or redesign all five years.I’d a change accomplished by Hanzell in Piqua, Ohio; the price, in addition to removal and reinstallation, was only over $dos,000 Annual inspections, which i aided regarding the assistance and you can guidance off an a&I,cost$200peryear.I removeallinspection discusses, the new end cone, system cowlings, etcetera. New A great&I just had to see various areas. The fresh new autopilot made cross country flying a breeze. We travelled this new flat at the 23 ins and 2,300 rpm, or just around 70 percent electricity, as I discovered higher power accounts drastically increased appears from the cockpit. Fuel consumption averaged fourteen to sixteen gallons by the hour, and also the routes burnt in the you to definitely quart out-of oils all of the 20 days. Complete, it would be extremely difficult to beat the brand new Cougar when it comes out of precision, savings and safety. It probably is the best “first twin” to own.

The brand new Cougar has a lot of some thing others don’t have

Up until now the sole airframe parts we’ve set up were tires, brake system, bulbs and batteries. I have nearly the entire catalog out of pieces I became needed to purchase from the latest warehouse right back in1977 are a great Grumman broker. The one and only thing We have put of which is one to throttle wire thus far. I have already been within this organization taking place 3 decades, and I’ve never had any issue getting Grumman pieces. To be honest, the Grummans play with less bits than nearly any most other airplane We have maintained. I have fun with our personal Cougar to have multiengine education. It offers dos,000 instances inside it and has now not ever been on the hangar. This new painting try cracked and you will faded; but, mechanically, it’s expert. I alter the petroleum the a hundred times, put in a different sort of selection of ignite plugs all the 400 instances, change the braking system linings regarding the every two hundred days and you may, from time to time, installed an alternate bulb otherwise battery pack; but that is they. It has Lycoming O-320-Ds, which happen to be only expert motors. The Advanced magnetos need no a whole lot more restoration than Bendix mags; except that, when they were introduced, these people were a throwaway magazine, there are way too many aspects just who however consider her or him once the throwaways and do not see her or him, earliest.

The fresh new Cougar was designed from the beginning because a twin; the other very-named white twins is adaptations regarding single people. The latest Seminole try an Arrow they place two motors towards; the new Duchess is a dual Musketeer. By way of example, for those who treat the physical together with digital fuel pump about right wing, you can preserve both motors powering by visiting double get across feed. The fresh new pumps match the newest tanks, not to ever the brand new engines. As i escape the corporation, I’ll bring an excellent Cougar and you can rebuild they about soil doing keep since my plane.


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