Trang Chủgreen singles przejrze?The brand new magistrate are extremely entertained at the drollery of situation, and you can overlooked brand new culprits which have a good reprimand

The brand new magistrate are extremely entertained at the drollery of situation, and you can overlooked brand new culprits which have a good reprimand


The brand new magistrate are extremely entertained at the drollery of situation, and you can overlooked brand new culprits which have a good reprimand

1843 Miscellaneous Cleverness Within the an instance of attraction (in which children was had) attempted last week on Carnarvon (find “Assize Intelligence”) the brand new discovered Legal denounced “Bundling,” the newest Welsh courtship. He stated it to be in all respects objectionable-indecorous itself, and you will determined so you can create the most disappointed show – unsafe alike so you can both sexes, starving the female of those extrinsic defences and this frailty really requires, and you may giving so you’re able to her partner ventures and you may impulses which need certainly to basically commonly premature and illegal sex. Welshman 30 February 1843

I must posting this lady toward workhouse

1843 BUNDLING A few Welshmen, titled Robert Roberts and you can Jos, was indeed introduced up until the magistrates at the Liverpool, to your Monday, faced with becoming found in the home away from a good Mr Timber, from the unseasonable hr from several in the morning. The 2 younger fellows, it looks, was in fact new sweet- hearts- out-of two Welsh lady employed as the servants at home, and they got envision they nothing wrong to adhere to the society of its teens, and you will recognize their friends to help you a great midnight conversation, within their rooms. As they could not see contentment unofficially, not, the other prisoners turned alarmed, and you can pouncing towards the team, sent the newest men out over the fresh new watchhouse. Glamorgan, Monmouth and you will Brecon Gazette and you may Merthyr Guardian 30 December 1843

1844 Declaration Regarding THS COMMISSIONERS Out-of Inquiry Towards the REBECCA RIOTS Into the WALES. TITHE. A general awareness of the conveniences and conveniences of the dwellings of renters, and, alot more specifically, when you look at the mention of the those of their house- servants, try most desirable. The higher portion of the farm- servants today sleep-in the brand new aside-houses of one’s farmstead, with- out the the very least morale about the subject, and you will totally outside the limitation of one’s grasp. To those habits several of the most demoralising popular features of our very own domestic character are attributable-”brand new bundling” the brand new “Ceilylpren,” or Lynch Rules regarding Wales and finally, the convenience and you may impunity that the fresh new Rebecca motions were accomplished, that have all of the look of concert and you can well-digested framework. Pembrokeshire Herald and you may Standard Marketer, several April 1844

Shrewsbury Reports

1844 Pull Of REBECCA Records 1844 Just what are you? A character. My girl has received a child of the an earlier child, that is most reputable, and able to retain the boy, however, cannot give an excellent farthing.- Can be your daughter good pauper?-Zero I take care of their. The latest badness of the minutes makes me personally end up being it. -Will be your daughter’s son because of the an effective farmer’s boy -Yes. (p. 203), Mr. Davies from “the fresh new Separate connexion” told all of us that ladies inside unfortunate method was in fact essentially servant women, who know-nothing of the legislation, rather than realize or imagine much about this.” From this we guess Mr. Davies are anxious to allow the fresh new Commissioners infer that none but servant women “package.” Got we already been at the Commissioners’ shoulder you want to possess set the question family Perform farmers’ daughters actually bundle ?” Is there individual who is definitely worth considering that will not! Assuming so, anyone who thinks of “law” or “reading” when the whole soul is actually engrossed along the way out-of bundling.” I think about an answer considering on this subject extremely question because of the a great evident and you will wise lady:-” Bless your heart” says she folks never think of impoverishment, otherwise rules both, when after they score between the covers.” Cardiff and you may Merthyr Guardian, Glamorgan, Monmouth, and you will Brecon Gazette, 10 Oct 1846

1845 Anrhydeddus yw priodas yn mhawb, a’r gwely dihalogedig; eithr putteinwyr a godinebwyr a beneficial farna Duw – Heb xiii, cuatro (Relationships are honorable in every, plus the sleep undefiled ; but Jesus commonly legal fornicators as well as the brand new sexually immoral.) [Generally seems to criticise the technique of bundling] Elias, David, (Pentraeth ) Sylwadau ar y pechodau o ieuo yn annghydmarus a’r digred, a’r arferiad lygredig sydd gan rai ieuengctyd digrefydd yn ein gwlad yn ei rhag-gyfeillach : yn nghydag esgeulusdra penau-teuluoedd i wrthwynebu y llygredigaeth : wedi ei gyhoeddi trwy anogaeth cyfeisteddfod Cyfarfod Misol y Trefnyddion Calfinaidd yn Mon (1845), sixteen profiles

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