Trang Chủdivorced-chat-rooms reviewUltimately, this lady terms and conditions visited your in which he falls out out-of Dragon Push which have Lucy nevertheless hugging him

Ultimately, this lady terms and conditions visited your in which he falls out out-of Dragon Push which have Lucy nevertheless hugging him


Ultimately, this lady terms and conditions visited your in which he <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">free online divorced chat room</a> falls out out-of Dragon Push which have Lucy nevertheless hugging him

Immediately after reaching Dragon Force yet again via Ignia’s flames and conquering Mercuphobia, Natsu’s stamina seems to beat him, best your in order to mercilessly condition their want to burn off what you. Just before they can bring about people damage, he or she is quickly hugged out-of at the rear of by Lucy, exactly who cravings him in order to calm down due to the fact battle has already been over.

Once leaving Elmina, they run into Fairy Nail, in which Natsu and Lucy to see its counterparts, Nash and Lusha, that an actor and manager correspondingly. Whenever Lucy sees Nash harshly criticizing Lusha, and you may carrying the girl to your some other area, she follows him, dedicated to criticizing him. After once again, in the same area, once the a couple is away with Wendy, Lucy is actually strike to the by a number of males, simply for Natsu so you’re able to angrily intervene, frequently burning Lucy’s outfits along the way (together with the lady undies, far to Lucy’s rage). He or she is later viewed along with his lead within her lap, down with motion sickness once the she comforts him.

Lucy blushes, prior to proclaiming that she seems sorry for Touka, lamenting you to Natsu will not seem to have one need for such things. Later on, as Natsu’s fighting the fresh Goodness Seed products, Aldoron, Lucy conveys question for your, and later whines away whenever Aldoron is revealed being killed. Luckily for us, whenever they are discovered and you can revealed are real time, she tearfully embraces your just like the remainder of the guild watches.

However, she efficiency having a sweaty, and extremely embarrassed deal with, where it’s revealed so you’re able to this lady your a couple of are usually actually within the a romance

When you find yourself leisurely with in the fresh Aldo Spring season, the rest of the Fairy End ladies, Lucy are shrunk down by the Brandish while the a joke. She later on activities Natsu, shrunk, which requires her doing inside attempt to pick Brandish, that have Natsu carrying Lucy to your their direct. It are discovering the lady, where Brandish converts the ladies to the normal side, resulting in Lucy to happen to crash down onto Natsu’s direct. Which have just a bath towel, Natsu provides Lucy their coating to cover herself having.

Shortly immediately following coming in in town off Draseal, inside battle from the members of Fairy End had been Whited out by new White Mage, Lucy is mocked from the Cana and you will Juvia regarding the Touka’s noticeable crush on the Natsu, with Juvia stating that Touka has grown to become Lucy’s “like competitor”

Later on, following the Light Mage, whoever titled try found to get “Faris” awakes, she casts an enchantment one to happen to delivers the entire away from Class Natsu to help you Edolas. After they arrive, they’ve been met by an earlier lady with green tresses, which identifies Lucy because the “mama”, far in order to Lucy’s amaze. However, they are rapidly and reached by the an older girl who turns out become Edolas Lucy, where it’s revealed that woman, Nasha, ‘s the girl off the girl and you can Edolas Natsu, far to Planet-Lucy’s shame, and you may Natsu’s intrigue. Natsu quickly takes a shine to Nasha (declaring a want to just take the girl back together), whenever you are Planet-Lucy borrows a number of her Edolas alternatives dated outfits, and you may Edolas Lucy encourages their, saying that she and Natsu at some point install it aside, regardless if Environment-Lucy remains doubtful.

The team is distributed back into Earthland from the Mystogan, however they are ambushed by the Moonlight Dragon God, Selene, exactly who transports them to Elentir, in which Natsu and Lucy get separated, and are also challenged of the respective people in Selene’s Moonlit Charm Goddesse, Hakune and you may Mimi correspondingly, where their both beaten. Inside battle, although, Hakune creates constructs of numerous of one’s lady for the Fairy End, together with Lucy, exactly who seductively tells Natsu to touch the girl; Natsu, seeing by this impression, banishes all of them, listing you to do not require in fact smell of their family unit members. Shortly after being defeated, Natsu try held prisoner and Gray by the Selene’s minions, before the Moonlight Dragon transports the newest on it right down to Onigatsuki, a network from caves underneath the mountain these are typically for the. Natsu try 1st enthused by the possibility assaulting new yokai one to lurk down here, up until he could be out of the blue trapped from the Lucy, who has been transformed by the Youko of your own Moonlit Charm Goddesses into the a half-snake/half-girl yokai known as a great “nure-onna”.

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